Our Mission Statement


Our Mission is Simple

Our mission is SimplyPTP. Simply Paid to Promote. We know the world of making an income online is hard with all the learning and costs associated with having a webpage. We go the extra mile and not only give you a free webpage but we pay you to promote it. We strive to help you earn an income online which is why we give you ALL the tools to do it free.

The idea of SimplyPTP was to pay people for doing what they are already doing and that is promoting. Your already promoting something likely but are you getting paid while doing it? Likely not... That is how SimplyPTP was born as we wanted to find a simple way of helping you get better results while paying you to do it. We actually pay you to promote!

It can be tough to make money online as information overload sets in and the task of hosting and creating websites can be daunting. This is no longer a thing you have to worry about it as we make things super simple! We give you all the tools you need to quickly become a leader online and earn an income...

Our mission is SimplyPTP...

How Thousands are Earning Online Daily

As you above, setting up your own site can be pretty hard as it often requires knowledge of html, programming and databases which can take months or even years to learn. We decided to make it easy for you to create a beautiful webpage that pays you for the visitors you send to it and promote almost anything you want. No holds Barred your entitled to your space and you get paid for promoting you!

Created By a Marketer so It Works

SimplyPTP was created and programmed by a internet marketer that knows what people need to succeed online and we actually give it to you at a fraction of the cost without all the headaches and wasted time. We even pay you... That's rite we actually pay you! You can spend thousands of dollars for hosting, programmers and designers or you can just use our system and save time and money along the way!

SimplyPTP give you a crisp looking page that you can customize to meet your needs as we know you want to promote something beutiful that is eye catching. The pages are used by everyone from business professionals to people using them for casual blogging. It does not matter who you are!

Create Online Freedom

SimplyPTP gives you the chance to create online freedom and get paid doing so. Many of our members upgrade yearly as they see the benefit of our system as opposed to paying for hosting and designers. Since our site ranks very well so will the pages you create thus attracting more visitors, leads and sales. Create your own online Freedom and Income!

Benefits of Using SimplyPTP

Earn more Money
Earn double the income while promoting.

Free Banner Credits
We even give you free banner credits to use.

Higher Commissions
Upgraded members earn more commissions.

VIP Chat
Upgraded members become VIP members.

Earn more Points
Upgraded members earn more points!

Unlock PTP Page Bonuses
Yes, upgraded members get bonuses.

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Upgrading to any pro membership gets you VIP status which earns you more money and gives you more freedom! If you are looking for a great way to make money online and get a webpage that pays you for visitors you should upgrade here now or... Stay a free members. We value all our members free or paid!

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