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Common Questions


Registration/Login Tips

Ensure you have java downloaded and installed as our site uses the latest technology. If you can not enter characters into the fields you will need to download java, install it and reload your browser. Did you forget your password? You can grab a new one here! Or is your account not verified? Verify it here.

What is PTP

PTP stands for Paid to Promote. Within SimplyPTP you can create PTP pages/links which allow you to promote other programs on your pages and earn cash while doing so. This is something that is really popular as it allows people to earn cash while promoting their favorite programs!

You can setup your first PTP link within the members area by either editing your "My First PTP". When editing or creating a PTP link you should tell people a little bit about yourself followed by some programs or products you promote. This will allow you to promote like you usually do while earning an extra income while doing so.

You can edit the PTP pages by clicking the Blue Cog Wheel in the members area!

Tips to Earn more Points

Points are awarded when users stay on your ptp pages for the allocated time (The timer is a random variable between 10-15 seconds to prevent misuse and ensure real visitors so it is different each time).

Points Earned

Visitors from USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and UK are awarded 7 points and all other countries are 2 points. Every 1000 points you Earn can be converted into 5 Cents in your account balance within the members area which can be found on the "Convert" page. To increase points you should work on making your ptp pages better by adding engaging content such a videos as it will earn you points faster as people stay on your pages longer. You can also upgrade to earn up to 25% more points and more commissions!

Tip Add some quality content to your pages or funny videos and you will ensure more points as visitors are more engaged! How about telling people a bit about yourself? People love to engage with real people and it can help you also get more signups as your being more personal! Here is an example of a good ptp page that is engaging but at the same time gets you signups:

Your PTP pages have social media buttons on them which is very powerful and can lead to one share turning into millions of views to your pages. Do not underestimate the power of social media!

Don't be the person just plastering banners on pages. Be the person creating Spectacular Engaging Content and you will come out on top!

Upgrade & Earn More

Upgrading earns you more points per view but also credits your account with banner credits to extend your exposure with SimplyPTP. Upraded members can earn as much as 20% more points per view and up to 25% commissions. Our top earners are upgraded members for a reason! You can upgrade here and become VIP.

Places to Promote

When promoting SimplyPTP it will help if you use a variety of traffic sources as you will earn more points as you spread out your promotions. We also suggest using Free 30 Day Tracking here to track your promotions. You can find your promotional tools here. Here is a list of traffic exchanges, PTC sites and safelists that can be used;

Free Traffic Exchanges
Traffic exchanges are free programs that allow you to earn credits which can be used to send traffic to your SimplyPTP referral links or PTP links. Here are some of the top ones;

  • Easyhits4u here Best place for points.
  • Traffic Return here Great place for points.
  • Hit Link here Top place for points.
  • Te-Jv here Get points faster.
  • I Love Hits here
  • Traffic Era here
  • Hitsbooster pro here
  • Traffic Splash here
  • StartXchange here
  • BlueSurf here
  • TezakTraffic here

  • Paid to Click Sites
    When advertising on PTC sites your best option is to get Fixed ads or PTC ads. Fixed ads stay up for days or weeks depending on what you select and this can get you upwards of 50,000 visitors a day. PTC ads are just as good. You can find your promotional tools here. Here are some of the top ones;

  • Cheapest Advertising Around.
  • Clixsense here Get points quickly.
  • Cash Camel here 1000 visitors for 25 cents.
  • Neobux here Get points quickly.
  • Twickerz here
  • Legacyclix here
  • GoldenClix here
  • Wordlinx here
  • NorthClicks here
  • Scarlet Clicks here
  • CashnHits here
  • DonkeyMails here

  • Safelist Sites
    Safelists are sites that allow you to email lists of thousands of users without having your own list. This type of marketing is extremely popular and effective. We have made pre-made emails for you to send and you can find the emails here. Here are some of the top ones;

  • List Return here Get 10,000 free credits.
  • Paragon Mailer here Very responsive.
  • The Optin here New safelist.
  • SafelistXL here Get 30,000 free credits.
  • European Safelist here Cheapest safelist.
  • Herculist here Email 1000 people a day free.
  • GotSafelist here Best converting safelist.
  • WonderMailer here
  • SuperCashFFA here
  • Adtactics here
  • YourSafelist here
  • Active Safelist here

  • Points & Cash

    Points are awarded per visitor and can be converted into cash once you hit 1000 points. The amount of Points are awarded based upon countries the visitors come from as the value of them is different as follows; 5 Points for United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and 1 Point for ALL other countries. Every 1000 points can be converted for 5 cents once you hit 1000 points. This will likely be increased as we do some testing.


    ALL members earn 10% of your downlines points. You also earn commissions when promoting your PTP pages when people signup using your SimplyPTP referral link. The commissons on purchases & upgrades is as follows;

    Gold Memberships 25% commissions
    Silver Memberships 20% commissions
    Bronze Membership 15% commissions
    Free Memberships 10% commissions

    You can see the amounts your downline has earned in the ref area.


    At this time payments are made using Paypal and Payza. You must reach the payout threshold of $10.

    The links you promote through your PTP pages must not contain illegal or abusive content. Also refrain from using popups or Iframes within your pages or risk being terminated from SimplyPTP. Also we do not accept traffic that has no referrer or a hidden referrer.

    Auto Views

    We do not permit the use of auto traffic exchanges, programs or software. The use of these types of things can and will result in account termination.

    Banner Advertising

    We sell banner advertising on our site which is very popular as we receive a large amount of unique traffic which is proven to convert for advertisers. You can find the banner ads within the members area under "Advertise" or "Banner ads" within the right menu or you can visit here. The banner sizes shown throughout our site are in the sizes 468x60 and 300x250. This form of advertising is very chean and effective.

    Acceptable Promos

    We accept almost any kind of legit traffic and that includes the use of PTC sites, manual traffic exchanges and safelist promotions.